Meditation Mountain @ LiB

Meditation Mountain Nest is the nook at Lightning in a Bottle where you can venture to take a deep inhale and a slow exhale.  S l o w w w down the pace and connect, meditate, heal. Nature nests are built out of branches, wheat grass and pieces of the earth, making for safe and sacred spaces that enchant and put the spirit at ease.

This year, the Nest invited artists from around the world to share their gifts. I was lucky enough to accept the role of Stage Manager, through which I had the pleasure of receiving and taking care of these creative beings. Throughout the weekend, the trees swayed through sounds of singing bowls, guided meditations, massage instruction, animal sounds, and voices murmuring inspired reflections. 

At sunset, hundreds of glowing souls flock for the epic view, by which you can see across the whole festival. They let their voices call out like wolves as the sun tick-tocks behind the mountains in the distance, handing it over to the moon.  

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California