jungle kitty to kick the jungle blues

Been feelin like a jungle khat ever since my feet hit the Costa Rican sands, scamperin around in the sticky heat, meowin in the ears of jungle juggleeerz. Been feelin lonely as of late, surrounded by every creative archetype, packs on their backs and smiles in their eyes but currents rushing in different directions. It all feels foreign and fleeting, attachments swept away like the gem of a shell I spotted in the sand the other day—reached out to grab it and in rushed a big wave, sweeping it away quicker than I could say even say hey. In a fury the other day, I told a friend at Mono Congo Café, about my years-long desire for a feline companion. “Haven’t been able to find the right one, especially not at the humane societies. I have a feeling she’s just going to come to me outta the wild when I’m not expecting it or looking for her.”

What do ya know, two nights ago, driving to the beach and a lil family of kittens appears in our headlights on the side of the road. Momma made an appearance to summon the rest, but they quietly and quickly romped off into the jungle without turning a head to this lil one bonding to my chest. Some kind of humanimalistic trust.

Manifestation kitty, she is, a message from ze universe that it’s lookin out, it hears me, and I’ve got friends in even the most unexpected places ~ she’s helping me bite this lonely bug and bringin me back into my groove. She’s a wild one, with some genes from the Oselot (markings clear as day on her head.) She’s getting quickly attached, jumpin on my legs and burrowing her head into whatever nook of my body she can find first. I’m lookin into my future, feelin into how she may fit in, eager for the bit of consistency and grounding she’ll provide amidst this journey, but turning a conscious eye to the challenges she’ll present.

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California