"Pura F***ing Vida"

Chillin on a hammock on the wooded balcony at Casa Surf Camp with dis beautiful blonde dreaded faeirie listening to our neighbors jam around on flute/guitar, free after 11 days from the energy-intense vortex of the Envision festival site. Overlookin the warmest ocean, surrounded by palms with coconuts to reach for whenever we're thirsty, the girls my path has crossed with book the cheapest flight back to the states they can find, and it just so happens to be the exact flight I'm taking back in 13 days. What are the chances these things happen by chance? "Pura fuckin vida" I hear around the corner as two dudes hug, realizing they met at a hostel back in Nicaragua a month ago and now they're here. "The bus leaves at 4 for the waterfall, you comin?" Everyone is down for spontaneous adventure, and the social boundaries dissolve like the sea salt in our skin. 

An hour ago we bid hasta luego to the envision fam, then grabbed a ride from Uvita to Dominical, stepping into a lil surf town with serious groove. 500feet down the path, there's David Block talking to a yogi at a surf school, I give thanks for the sunrise set he carried us through a few days ago, the last set of the festival, and get the schpeil on his intention to work with Lil Wayne and Snoop Dog, bringin his music into a new audience and market all together. My heart drops a little at the thought of him entering the mainstream, and I pose a few questions to him about his intentions. Still pure, so to speak. I recognize I'll be seein less of him once he finds a new agent, and share a moment of gratitude for the epic moments and footage I filmed at a set or two of his this year. 

Onward. Thus is evolution. There will be more where those sounds came from. 

Walking down the street with all my belongings on my back, I then collided with two of my most sacred connections from the festival...whom I met separately, whom had also apparently connected deeply individually as well. "Of course you two know each other," Dharma Kaia blurted baffled when we came together in a final embrace before he boarded a bus to Guatemala for the next chapter of his story. Each on our own paths, we weave in and out with deeper love and less attachment. I'm learning to cherish the momentary connection, with no expectation for longevity. 

This journey began with an intention to peel back layers of a sisterhood, but sometimes life just gets ya on unique flows, and honoring your energy may send ya in separate directions, and that's okay, it's the way. Blessings hidden along the path of alignment. I've been on a solo flow, but accompanied by kindred spirits and familiar faces around every corner. The jungle heat and infiltration of intense energy has had my attitude fluctuating up and down...and my world has been taking shape around my perspective. Imma fill it with light like the luminescent algae sparkle creatures we played with last night in the sea, a dance break from the Pumpkin staff party we worked hard to receive. A moment of "this is why we do this. this is why I'm here.." matched with affirmations like, "There's a soft spot in my heart and it looks like you." Feeling a rejuvenated sense of exhilaration by the perspective others have been taking on my path, eyes wide about my age relative to integration... feeling the energy building around my intention, recognizing it's not an easy path but one filled with the kind of love i'd never before imagined. Breathing easy tonight with my toes in the sand, Pura Vida.

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California