~ r e d i r e c t i o n ~
sometimes life has a way of takin you for a spin just to show you that you're already exactly where you need to be.
giving thanks for my life today; tuesday evening I embarked north outta LA with a gal I met at serenity, the drive through the mountains was car-rattling windy. 30 minutes into the drive we veered just a wee bit into the shoulder and upon correction got caught in a wind pocket that threw the steering wheel outta control. the car started flying back n forth until we spun a complete 360 degrees at 70mph and into the aluminum medium. an angel stopped her car behind us and ran up, helping me get the car back on and onto the shoulder in my rattled state and keeping anyone else from smashing into us in the fast lane.
two of us in the car went without much else than a slight ding on the head, but the other hit her head pretty hard on the windshield. soo thankfully she's now doing all right. as for the car, 3 tires popped and the bumper took a hit, but somehow we got off with a bill under $500. it was a hell of a morning, turning a trip in pursuit of funds into an excursion that only took those very funds away from my nearly-non-existent supply, but the universe is always keepin everything in delicate balance, and I'm trusting that it's simply showing me where I need to be. I came back to SoCal and the strain has already turned back into bliss, redirecting me back to LA with the friend who I left to go up north, and it became quickly apparent that we had more to show each other before parting ways.
it's becoming more & more evident that there is no bad or good, for there are lessons woven into every moment and it's your choice to internalize them how you will. un-victimize yoself.

photo by kaylie 'violet' starkey

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California