the jungle intensity of costa rica forced me to stare at some not-so-comfortable corners of my spirit, so arriving back in the states, I was ready to reset and replenish, find my groove again. my intention for serenity gathering was self-love, and I'm coming out of it feeling more confident than I can say I've been. the final stretch of the festival carried me through a sunset to sunrise of bliss and ecstatic heart opening interactions, dancing and joking my way into new archetypes that feel more me than ever before. I observed the profound way my energy shifts that of others around me, experimenting with the ripples I could produce by being a fiercely flavorful, unabridged and unapologetic version of me--a me that surprised the hell out of me and everyone around me. I caught glimpses of myself reflected in everyone, my ever-growing tribe, and came to know and love myself more through observation of others, realizing that I become the best me I can be simply through being held in sacred space by kindred spirits... realizing that we co-create that space, but I have the opportunity in every moment to set the tone for an interaction; and my freedom, love and acceptance can manifest in others if I'm emitting. the world will take the shape of your perspective. fill it with light and you'll bathe in light. fill it with glitter and you'll bathe in glitter. fill it with sand and you'll bathe in sand, and sometimes you'll bathe in all of the above and realize just how luxe and lip-biting being dirty and magical and bright can beeeeeee.

photo by Rachel Peterson

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California