lifting off

As the flight attendants begin to read off the safety precautions, I picture Penny Lane from Almost Famous, making a show out of reciting them with a twinkle in her eye, capturing all eyes in the room. I wonder if I'll ever memorize these lines, and in that wonderment I realize how much of a testimony this quirk of hers was to how many places she's seen (and have seen her right back), and the independent-fearlessness by which she ventures. And in this realization I notice the reflection of my idols my path has started to shape, at last, not out of an attempt to imitate, but seamlessly... effortlessly... mindlessly.... naturally... without regard, as if I forgot about them in some long, lucid dream and woke up to find that I am them.
I always was.


Realizing that I'm not even paying attention to the safety demonstration anymore, and that I don't really care to memorize it anyway, I throw my headphones back in my ears at the exact moment Hendrix begins to sing right to me 

fly on my sweet angel
fly on through the skyyyyy...

and just like that, the plane's rolling down the runway, lifting off into my first venture out of the country I was born. 

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California