the morning my voice broke free

that morning by the river
as the sun came out to say hello
the children of enchanted forest gathered
to play a few soaring notes

they put their voices together
to welcome a brand new day
and what became of it
drew me in, so I wandered their way

I found them sprawled out on some blankets
with twigs in their hair and love in their eyes
and I laid down to listen
meditating on the mystic melody

the words weren't scripted
but from the heart.
inspired by the blessings
the universe reeled in.

"everyday gets brighter"
they repeated with a spark
and as their voices rose,
I couldn't help but chime in

a man who looked quite like Peter Pan
turned to me with inviting eyes
beckoning me into the circle
as if to say "welcome to our frequency"

I hadn't sung in quite some time
and I'd never really improv'd before
but my heart was open,
and so their light poured in

"everyday gets lighter" 
they sang, each unique pitch
dancing around the others with grace
their smiles reaching in rhythm

"everyday gets wider" 
I added with an arch in my brow
Pan nodded at the evolution
and then he followed my lead...

and thus we all came together
in a circle of five
rounding each other out,
each with our own line to sing.

and as our voices rose
the words began to flow
the nerves dissolved,
my ego fluttered off the tip of my tongue...

sent away to kiss the dust
as I rose above in conscious harmony
with enlightened souls
enlivened I felt, as the song swept me up.

letting heart lead,
embracing each other in perfect improvised song,
butterflies filled my belly
and so I let em fly

my pitch rose above the rest
and to my surprise, I let it soar.
releasing, after all these years,
the words of an old best friend

 "shut up, you can't sing."
they'd crushed me all these years,
succumbing me to fears stifling my expression;
my heart's melody since unknown.

so in locked eyes
with seemingly each of them at once
I confessed, with my hands clasped to my buzzing chest,
"I've never sang like this before."

their eyes widened in warm embrace,
loving me. seeing me.
knowing my moment,
as they'd each had theirs before.

seems like forever I'd hoped for mine
for my voice and heart to align,
breaking free from my attachment
to impressing, rather than expressing

repressed no more,
I was free in song.
like learning the language
of the soul.

"wow," we sighed as it came to a gentle hum.
"send blessings to her
every time you sing," they said.
so sister, this one's for you. 

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California