the beginning...

I was in my third year in college, working toward a Multimedia Degree when I began to experience an unquenchable thirst for something ‘more.’  Being stuck in my home state of Indiana began to feel like living with the sun so distant, only its shadows could be seen.  Passionate and wide-eyed, nearing the age of 21, I yearned to blossom, sensing the presence of brighter colors burning under the veil of darkness in which I began to fold. I had soaked up every drop of the few rays I could find between the clouds, but I grew restless, withering as I struggled to conform to the small size of the pot in which I had been planted. My leaves had grown unruly, hanging over the edges of my ability to remain rooted to a tame life indoors. I sat yearning inside a windowsill, gazing out at plants nurtured with the kiss of nature’s mystery. In the echo of their livelihood, buds of intuition grew. As summer neared, my stems pointed west, and I set out on my heart’s journey to find more fertile ground. 

Violet Starkey

Santa Cruz, California